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Over the next several blog posts we will briefly illustrate the variety of needs we meet for our clients. While many people think that estate planning is the same for everyone, upcoming posts provide seven examples of some recent activity. This is to demonstrate that every family and every individual has a unique situation that requires unique solutions. Each family has a different situation and a different concern, so we thought we’d give you a general overview of their problems and how we are solving them so that if you have a similar problem you will know that you are not alone and there is someone that can help who has helped others in similar situations.

The facts will be anonymized enough for client protection but will be informative enough to provide value to the reader. I think you will see that Estate Planning is a varied practice, every situation is very different and you will learn the importance of an estate planning legal program that you and your family want and deserve!

• Keep your estate settlement simple;

We’ve talked to many Wisconsin families about things that they had done in an effort to protect their money from all being sucked up by the nursing home costs which can exceed $100,000 annually. Lots of mistakes are being made by people who don’t truly understand the intricacies of the Wisconsin Long Term Care Medicaid law and regulations. While you won’t get all the answers in this post, you’ll learn what some of the common mistakes are. So… here are options that just don’t work. Continue reading