Zero Carbon Footprint! We are Proud to Give Back

IMG_20110505_192323.jpgKrause Law Offices LLC is carbon neutral. Actually, we have reduced our carbon output (through purchasing offsets) so that we are making up for others’ carbon use.

Through our partnership with, we have purchased carbon offsets to make up for our use of electricity, airline flights, and even our employees’ commutes to work! Combined with our commitment to use only 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our clients’ documents, we hope to keep our world nice for those who will come later.

We spend our days helping clients transition wealth to future generations through trusts and other planning. It is only proper for us to do whatever we can to leave a beautiful place for them to enjoy that wealth. What is more valuable than a healthy environment in which to live?

Please consider becoming carbon neutral.

Krause Law Offices LLC